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Condominium and townhome ownership is becoming an increasingly popular form of property ownership. Like traditional home-ownership, condominium ownership provides a practical and desirable investment vehicle. Yet, unlike traditional methods of property ownership, condominium owners can benefit from common ownership and maintenance of certain facets of their property, thus relieving the unit owner from some of the burdens of traditional ownership.

However, because condominium developments involve a sometimes complicated interplay between private and common ownership, unique legal issues can often arise. Moreover, because condominium ownership has only recently become very popular, some states (such as Iowa) have only very basic laws in this area. While this is not the case in other areas of the country, either situation can cause complicated legal problems which may require the assistance of an attorney.

Attending to the diverse needs of your association

At Qualley Law, we provide a wide range of services to the homeowner's association and, if applicable, their management company. From document drafting (e.g. bylaws, declarations, etc.) and debt collection to consultation and litigation, our lawyers can provide professional, cost-effective legal services to your homeowner's association. Contact us today to find out how our lawyers can assist your organization.

Legal Services for the HOA

Assessment Collections

Your association can't afford delinquencies. Act early and minimize losses. Learn more...

Declaration Drafting

Good governing documents protect property value. Be proactive in addressing challenges.

Legal Guidance

Difficult decisions require sound guidance. Missteps can cost your association.


Many challenges can be resolved outside of a courtroom. Unfortunately, some can't.
We represent dozens of homeowner's associations in dealing with the unique and sometimes difficult matters challenging owner's associations and their boards of directors. Whether your association is self-managed or represented by a professional management company, contact us to find out how a law firm with HOA experience can benefit your association.

Delinquent Dues Collections

One of the most pressing concerns of any homeowner's association is its financial stability. Since most homeowner's associations are organized as non-profit corporations with only the dues of the homeowners as their sole source of income, delinquent owners can pose a serious threat to the financial health to the association. Without homeowners paying their dues, the association's board of directors can't maintain the property. And, consequences can be even more drastic—some mortgage lenders won't approve home loans for properties in associations with high levels of delinquent dues. At Qualley & Blehyl, we provide associations with effective collections representation tailored specifically for homeowner's associations. Contact us to find out more or, read our article Delinquent Homeowner's Association Dues: Common Excuses and Answers.